Function Focused Bacteria for Soil Health

John Wong, Head Scientist for AdvancedAg Inc. talks about and explains the functions built into the 5 strains of bacteria in ACF-SR.

Research & Results

Non-GMO and Non-Pathogenic. All natural, Bio-Safe Level 1 Bacteria.

  • Features 5 beneficial bacteria species to rapidly enhance soil and plant health
  • Brewing produces a beneficial blend of bacteria at super high concentrations, lowering input costs
  • Minimizes the need for costly and ongoing fungicide applications
  • Transforms inorganic nutrients into organic, water-soluble forms, as well as improve nitrogen and phosphorous uptake
  • Product is live brewed and delivered to your operations Ready-to-Apply
  • Can go directly into any type of sprayer or drip nozzle and will not cause build-up