Lignijoule products are a manufactured bio-polymer energy source, derived from renewable plant based ligin’s.  A by-product of the pulp and paper industry, lignin, which is extracted in order to make high-white papers. This plant-based raw material allows our process to capture the basic energy of lignin and turn it into a 100% water-soluble powder.  It’s 32% organic carbons aid the pant in its efforts  to generate more photosynthesis.

No matter the method of application, yield and quality gains no matter what crop it is being used on!


Key Features and Benefits of LigniLeaf:

  1. Renewable Energy Source: LigniJoule utilizes lignin, a natural byproduct of the Canadian forestry industry, as its primary energy source. This renewable resource not only ensures a consistent and reliable power supply but also reduces dependency on fossil fuels, contributing to a more sustainable future.
  2. Enhanced Crop Productivity: By employing advanced biomass conversion technology, LigniJoule optimizes energy efficiency and delivers higher yields for Canadian crops. The innovative system enables growers to achieve substantial increases in productivity while minimizing resource wastage.
  3. Carbon Neutrality: LigniJoule embodies Velocity Green’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. Through carbon-neutral energy production, farmers using LigniJoule can actively participate in the global fight against climate change while cultivating a more resilient agricultural sector.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Canadian farmers will benefit from LigniJoule’s cost-effectiveness, as it streamlines energy expenses while providing long-term savings. The efficient utilization of lignin reduces operational costs, making it an economically viable option for growers of all sizes.
  5. Easy Integration: LigniJoule’s modular design ensures seamless integration into existing farming infrastructures, minimizing downtime during installation. Velocity Green’s team of experts will provide comprehensive support and training to farmers, ensuring a smooth transition to this sustainable energy solution.


Foliar Lignijoule


Foliar LigniJoule, aerial application at flowering, increased stand-ability on the side treated with LigniJoule as compared to the untreated side.


Foliar LigniJoule


Foliar LigniJoule, applied at the 3 leaf stage, picture taken 10 days post application. Treated plant has increased in size and amount of leaves as compared to the untreated plant. 


LigniJoule Seed Treat


LigniJoule Seed Treat for pulses.