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Case Study: Ontario Carrots & Onions | ATV Farms

When ATV Farms committed to a trial of the growth-promoting bacterium ACF-SR on their carrot and onion crops in Holland Marsh, ON, we knew we’d have a winning combination. What we didn’t expect was just how dramatic the results would be.   With the carrots showing longer tap roots, noticeably thicker shoulders and crowns and…

Considering Winter Wheat this year?

A global wheat shortage and increased price on the commodity has Canadian corn and soy growers considering winter wheat.   Provided conditions are fit, Canadian soy and corn growers are seeing the global wheat shortage and subsequent price increase as an opportunity – and with good reason. While prevent plants are common for Eastern Canadian…

In Reaction to the Canadian Government’s Emmision Targets and its Impact on Farmers

Velocity Green’s lead manufacturer, AdvancedAg, appears on Global TV Joshua Day, CEO, AdvancedAg, discusses the future of biologicals and how the Federal government’s emission targets will impact farmers WATCH VIDEO

Case Study: Peanut Grower, Norfolk County, ON

Norfolk County grower, Peter White, treated 5 acres of peanuts with ACF-SR, which delivers a broad spectrum of function- focused, beneficial soil bacteria. Adding plant growth functions allows optimal plant, bacteria, and fungi interaction. In the following case study you’ll see the outstanding results of the trial, including the following feedback from the grower: Nodulation…

Case Study: Use of ACF-SR on Grapes

Ground application • 24 rows of Pinot Noir • April 23 – ACF application on 8 rows of Riesling • June 8 – second ACF ground application on same rows Air blast application • June 15 – First ACF air blast application on Riesling • July 5 – Second ACF air blast application on Riesling…

Winery & Vineyard Field Study Results

Simcoe Vineyard, Simcoe, ON • Application: ACF-SR • First application: Applied at bud swell • Second application: Applied at mid-bloom • Client Review: “The quality of fruit was larger than our average and an increase of 2 points in Brix level. Colour was noticeably darker and there was also a lower volative acidity rate with…

Increased Root Fibers on Tobacco & Pepper plants in Norfolk County, ON using biologicals

Norfolk County farmers are seeing great success with 100% Organic live bacteria applications on both Tobacco and Pepper plants.   Both trials have 1 application at planting 2.5gal/ac, and show a larger, healthier-looking plant with more root fibers.   Tobacco – left control, right treated ACF-SR. Pepper – left control, right treated with ACF-SR.

Soil Health for Potato Producer

Windiana Farms is a family-owned farm in southern Alberta, committed to growing quality crops – potatoes, cereals and forage. It was started by Mike & Cathy Wind in 1989 when Mike left a successful partnership to venture out on his own. Starting with a small land base and potato contract, through much hard work and…

Third-generation farmer on his first experience with biologicals

Dwayne Durie, a third-generation farmer in Lavoy, AB talks about the results he’s seen using ACF-SR biologicals on his farm – tremendous root growth, advancement in staging, and standability of the crop. The left side of the field had 2 gallons of ACF-SR foliar-applied and was significantly ahead of the control side. The line in…

Fungi vs. Bacteria

We always get questions like: “How does ACF-SR differ from fungi based products?” Or, “my soil is bacteria dominant, and low in fungi populations. Why would I need more bacteria?”   Fungi and bacteria are both very important for overall soil health. Both need each other, but there are significant differences between the two. By…

How to unlock phosphorus in your soil

Across the board, fertilizer prices are higher in 2021. While nitrogen often gets the most attention, phosphorus prices are up the most. While fertilizer prices are higher, it’s important to remember the context. Prices are up from historic lows and, for the most part, remain well below the levels of 2011-2014. The exception, however, is…

Supplement your transplant water with live-brewed ACF-SR™ bacteria for rapid, healthy root development

Brewed in Norfolk County, ON., this function-focused bacteria enhances soil and plant health, resulting in increased yields and profits. Growers are looking to biologicals like ACF-SR™ to break down crop residue, improve soil health and ramp up nutrient cycles. These living microorganisms can be added to transplant water. Growers at Norland Potato completed a trial…

CASE STUDY: Dry Pasture Application, Delar Cattle & Quarter Horses

This dry pasture application, from our partners at AdvancedAg, illustrates how ACF-SR can assist with germination, improving root systems and result in a healthier pasture for cattle and horses. “My pasture is located in an area that receives very little moisture (only 4-1/10″ in 2019) and for the past 25 years I have tried endless…

“It responds so well in our soil.” – Hal Reid, Head Agronomist at Independent Crop Inputs

Hal Reid, Head Agronomist at Independent Crop Inputs, sits down with Advanced Ag to talk about his first experience with ACF-SR, and why he believes biologicals will play a big role with growers in the agricultural industry in the future.

For Water

Our ComboPack Treatment program consists of a 2-part, multi purpose biological kit. Each kit includes 1 gallon of ultra-concentrated liquid bacteria for fast acting results (PondPerfect), plus one slow-release, powder-based biodegradable EcoSock for long-lasting protection. ​Using ComboPacks will restore large ponds and dugouts to a healthy, balanced state. This all natural product is odourless, and…

2020 Ontario Highlights

Fernwood Farms & Market Stayner, ON Application Rate: 2 gallons / acre Application Date: May 24, 2020 Characteristics: Berries were larger and darker in colour. Brix levels were consistent throughout treated rows. Client review: “Pretty awesome! Would like to setup in trickle irrigation.” Ontario Organic Certified Cabbage Halton Region, ON TREATED UNTREATED Application Rate: 2 gallons…

Technical Discussion

ACF-SR delivers a broad spectrum of function-focused, beneficial soil bacteria, including difficult to stabilize, non-sulfur photosynthetic species.​There are 3 types of microorganisms in our microbial blends:​​ Photosynthetic bacteria supply energy from light, fix nitrogen and carbon, degrade toxic chemicals, and supply organic carbon to plants for growth. These bacteria improve the efficiency and effectiveness of CO2 fixation Vegetative strains improve the…

Hay Trials: Norfolk County Hay Field After 3 Weeks

May 27, 2020 – Aerial footage of a hay field in Norfolk County, ON shows healthier crops on sections treated with ACF-SR after only 3 weeks. No other treatments were applied to achieve these results. ACF-SR is a 100% organic, bio-safe live bacteria application. In addition to producing healthier hay crops, the beneficial microbes and…

Tee Deck Case Study: Grandview Golf Club – The Inn Course, Huntsville, ON

May 25, 2020 – In a short period of just 11 days, an application of ACF-SR on the troubled tee blocks at Grandview Golf Club in Huntsville, ON, has delivered noticeable results. The beneficial bacteria was live brewed and applied at a rate of 3 gallons per acre. No other treatments were applied to achieve…

Calling all Canadian Golf Courses

Bringing Life Back to Canadian Soil: The #bringbackoursoil Campaign

Researchers have been uncovering how microbes and bacteria in the soil effect our health – how the organisms in soil program how our bodies respond to allergens and regulate our immune systems. We know the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides have damaged the bacterial populations in the soil, but is too late to bring life…

Introducing Velocity Green: At Home

After a ton of inquiries, we are beyond excited to announce Velocity Green: At Home! Canadians now have a new choice – a healthier choice – when it comes to lawn & garden care.

Velocity Green Outlines Response Actions to COVID-19 and Reinforces its Commitment to Canada’s Agriculture Sector

Norfolk County, ON – March 23rd, 2020 – As Velocity Green responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our team and customers remains our top priority. As a supplier to the Ontario and Eastern Canada agriculture sector, we’re committed to being there when our customers and colleagues need us most.  Here’s how we’re responding:…

Farmers are still harvesting corn and soybeans in Ontario after late planting season

The Windstor Star recently reported on record crop insurance payouts to corn and soybean farers following the wet spring in 2019. The article references Ben Rosser, a corn specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, who said in some areas including Lambton County and the Niagara region, farmers are just starting to…

New Research from Penn State indicates Dollar Spot becoming increasingly resistant to Fungicides

Science Daily reported findings from Penn State University researchers that show Dollar spot – a disease that proves to be an ongoing challenge for North American Golf Course managers – is becoming resistant to fungicides being used to control it. Golf courses spend thousands of dollars on several applications per year, but the repeated applications “act as…

Advances in Eco-Efficient Agriculture: The Plant-Soil Mycobiome

In order to achieve a desirable ecological and sustainable agriculture a thorough understanding of the plant-soil mycobiome is imperative. Commercial industrial agriculture alters greenhouse gas emissions, promotes loss of plant and soil biodiversity, increases pollution by raising atmospheric CO2, and releases pesticides, thus affecting both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Diversified farming systems, including perennial cultivated…

Effects of Bacteria on the Yield and Quality of Spring Barley

Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) is one of the most important food crops produced in the world. It assumes the fourth position in total cereal production in the world after wheat, rice and maize [1]. Despite, the importance of barely and its many useful characteristics, several factors are affecting its production. The most important factors that…