All of our products are 100% Organic, including Non-GMO and Non-Pathogenic, All Natural, Bio-Safe Level 1 Bacteria.


Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

ACF-SR delivers a diverse spectrum of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB), that can be cultured days before applications for a super concentrated, live dose at an affordable cost.

Our proprietary edge allows us to selectively grow, stabilize and blend individual strains of bacteria into biologically active products.

Micro BrewTus™

ACF-SR Mini Brew Station

For greenhouse operators, cannabis growers, landscapers, and farmers looking to take control of their own bacteria culturing.

An all-in-one plug-in and brew unit is capable of producing up to 1350 US gallons of brewed product every 96 hours. Tank and heater included.

Pond Perfect™

Natural Lake & Pond Treatment

Restore large ponds and dugouts to a healthy, balanced state. All natural product is odourless, and contains no toxic chemicals harmful to animals or aquatic life.

PondPerfect™ consists of a 2-part, multi purpose biological kit with ultra-concentrated liquid bacteria for fast acting results.