All of our products are 100% Organic, including Non-GMO and Non-Pathogenic, All Natural, Bio-Safe Level 1 Bacteria.


Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

ACF-SR delivers a diverse spectrum of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB), that can be cultured days before applications for a super concentrated, live dose at an affordable cost.

Our proprietary edge allows us to selectively grow, stabilize and blend individual strains of bacteria into biologically active products.

Pond Perfect™

Natural Lake & Pond Treatment

Restore large ponds and dugouts to a healthy, balanced state. All natural product is odourless, and contains no toxic chemicals harmful to animals or aquatic life.

PondPerfect™ consists of a 2-part, multi purpose biological kit with ultra-concentrated liquid bacteria for fast acting results.

The Brewing Process

Many biological products have a culture count of only 5 million cfu/mL, with a limited variety of bacteria species, making large-scale applications impractical.

Brewing produces a beneficial blend of bacteria at super high concentrations, lowering input costs, while drastically improving crop, soil and turf health.

Our patented brewing process and culturing software ensures a gold standard of quality control, allowing our 5 bacteria species to reproduce rapidly before applying.


The BrewTus is available in a variety of models, customized for different industries.

• Large scale farming
• Traditional and organic farming
• Regenerative farming
• Greenhouse producers
• Turf management
• Landscaping

Learn more about how ACF-SR works

John Wong, Head Scientist for AdvancedAg Inc. talks about and explains the functions built into the 5 strains of bacteria in ACF-SR.

Answers questions like, “How does ACF-SR differ from fungi based products?” Or, “my soil is bacteria dominant, and low in fungi populations. Why would I need more bacteria?”