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At Velocity Green, we understand biological products are going to play a major role in turf management and agriculture for years to come.

Now more than ever, it’s critical for operators to source sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that yield outstanding results. That’s where ACF-SR comes in. With 5 beneficial bacteria species to rapidly enhance your soil and plant health, we can safely and quickly accelerate the health and growth of your soil, crops and turf.

ACF-SR was developed by Advanced Ag, an award winning, Canadian biotechnology leader with over 20 years of leading edge research on culturing specific bacteria species for a range of applications. By working with third-party consulting and research facilities, government agencies and industry professionals, Advanved Ag has built a proprietary edge as a Canadian leader in biotechnology.




Rhodopseudomonas palustris | Enhances soil bioactivity & nitrogen fixation
Bacillus licheniformis | Enhances soil bio activity & provides plant growth hormones
Nitrosomonas europaea | Converts ammonia to nitrate & solubilizes phosphates
Nitrobacter winogradskyi | Converts nitrite to nitrate & solubilizes phosphates
Bacillus subtilis | Solubilizes phosphates & siderophore production

The Brewing Process

Many biological products have a culture count of only 5 million cfu/mL, with a limited variety of bacteria species, making large-scale applications impractical.

Brewing produces a beneficial blend of bacteria at super high concentrations, lowering input costs, while drastically improving crop, soil and turf health.

Our patented brewing process and culturing software ensures a gold standard of quality control, allowing our 5 bacteria species to reproduce rapidly before applying.

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The Eco-Friendly Advantage

Organic Certified | Non-Toxic

We believe eco-friendly products will be crucial to the longevity of industries like Agriculture, Golf and Recreation, Greenhouse Operations, Cannabis, Gardening and Orchards.

Drastically improving crop and soil health using products like ACF-SR minimizes the need for damaging pesticides and fertilizers.



We believe promoting sustainable farming and turf management through natural processes is crucial to longevity and profitability of these industries.


By working with safe, innovative products like ACF-SR, research facilities, government agencies and industry professionals, we can build on our proprietary edge as a leader in biotechnology.


ACF-SR gives us the proprietary edge to selectively grow, stabilize and blend individual strains of bacteria into biologically active products to promote soil and crop health.


The trust and satisfaction of our clients and our commitment to sustainable, biological products are the cornerstones of our company values. We’re a Canadian-owned company that is proud to service clients across Ontario.

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