Third Party Research Trial | Southbrook Vineyards

The use of biostimulants to improve plant growth and resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses is being investigated globally. There is growing interest to apply biostimulants in vineyards to improve grape and vine quality. Velocity Green has a biostimulant product (ACF-SR), which is based on a consortium of live, beneficial, plant growth promoting microbes. The product is proven effective in amending soil in order to enhance root structure and improve overall plant growth.

The Vineland Research & Innovation Centre evaluated the growth, yield and fruit & quality at Southbrook biodynamic grape vineyard with and without the application of ACF-SR during the 2022 growing season.



Relative chlorophyll content was 11% (P=0.0006) higher in plants treated with ACF-SR compared to those without. ACF-SR applications also promoted the number of vines per plant by 9% (P=0.02). Vine diameter, leaf area and leaf biomass were not affected by the treatment (P=0.34, 0.98 and P=0.86, respectively).